No cost, no obligation

Must happen to sign contract

This hour-long assessment will allow us to determine the scope of your needs, what you hope to accomplish, learn your timeline, figure out any outside requirements (such as 3rd parties and supplies needed), as well as sign all paperwork.

General Services

$50/hr + services/items rendered

Contracted Clients ONLY

General Organizing

This is what you think of, or see on Pinterest, for organizing. No project is too big or too small! I will help you create order and peace in your home. We will find systems that work for you and your family’s lifestyles.


Moving into a different living arrangement can be daunting. Cleaning out what’s left afterwards is even more so. Let me help you make the hard decisions about what to take with you, or what to keep after a loved one is no longer there.


Let’s tackle those piles of paper, and crowded inbox. We’ll get you cleaned out then figure out systems to put in place to keep you in control. Even if it’s me coming out regularly.

Keepsakes and Collections

Your memories and heirlooms need to be protected. I can help you go through and sort that box of photos. I can help you create a beautiful scrapbook of your family’s heirlooms. We can design a classy way to display your precious collection. These belongings tell your story, let’s protect it for generations to come!



Let's make the boring parts of organizing paper, fun!

$200 flat

(best for large organizations that need an activity)



(best for smaller group - friends, hobby, coworkers)

Paper Purge

Bring your box(es) of overwhelming disorganized chaotic paperwork and socialize as you each purge and sort your paper. I will take care of all recycling, trash, or shredding, so you go home with just the stuff you need to keep!

Paper System

Bring your box(es) of purged, but un-systematized paperwork and socialize while you work to put an order to it all! Leave with a basic file system in place that can be expanded at home (or office) as needed. Basic file system and supplies will be provided.


Always wanted an organized planner, but never seem to get around to it? Come join me and a group of your friends as we work through setting up a planner, that is easy to maintain and will help you keep track of your life! Basic planner organizing supplies will be provided. Planner/Cover needs to be purchased by you.


$50 up to 1 hour, $20 for each additional hour

Do you have a group of people that want to learn more about how a Professional Organizer can help them or what we offer? I can give a presentation on any of my specialty services to any group of people.

DIFY (Do It For You) Paper

Coming Soon!!

Do you need help with just your paper, but you absolutely hate the thought of sitting and sorting? Let me do it for you! I can either take boxes home with me, or come to your location, without you being there, to do the purging and sorting for you. This can also be done for photos and other memorabilia.

Great Dane Club (VIP Club)


Do you have the desire and ability to do your organizing product on your own, but just need the resources and connections? The new Great Dane Club gives you access to all my insider secrets and wonderful resource list!

For only $50 per year (the cost of hiring me for 1 hour), you will have unlimited access to all my preferred companies for donations, recycling, shredding, moving, and a variety of others. As well as tips and tricks! You will also receive a discount on all workshops, presentations, and packages.

Services and prices subject to change without notice.

All current projects will remain at contract signing rate until the end of the calendar year.

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